Program Manager Cooperative Driving

I was responsible to accelerate the  implementation of cooperative driving (technologies). At that time TNO believed that cooperative driving could have a significant contribution to reduction of traffic jams, pollution and accidents. And since TNO had the various capabilities to tackle and implement this it was decided to make me free to ensure that this would become a success. At this time there was ample collaboration within departments within TNO.

The most important task was to ensure that both our government and our industry would embrace cooperative driving.  Halfway 2009 I have started the SPITS project together with TomTom, Logica and NXP. This was a two your project of about 72 MEuro resulting in e.g.:
- The public Private Partnership DITCM
- The cooperative test site on the A270
- The first real shockwave traffic jam (spookfile) experiments on 3 sundays on the A270 and the GCDC

Currently the cooperative driving is an integral  part of automated driving/platooning.

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