Director Smart Cities - TNO

Research Manager Sustainable Transport and Logistics - TNO

Research Manager Smart Mobility - TNO

Business Line Manager Reliable Mobility Systems - TNO

Manager Computer Vision and Statistics - TNO

Manager Future Enterprise Strategies  - TNO


Project and program management

Program Manager Cooperative Driving

Implementation of customer satisfaction measurements at KPN.
Product development and implementation of the first 3GSM internet Video Gateway.
Implementation of the pilot of a world wide internet chess tournament.
Implementation of a marketing organisation of a new KPN department.
Implementation of a total demonstrator concept for a future Residential Gateway.
Product development for speech controlled services


Articles and papers

Toekomst duurzame stadslogistiek

Business case duurzame stadslogistiek

Roadmap Smart Cities

Energiebeleid Smart Cities

Citti Conference

Self Organised City

Sustainable City


Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 

Unique Cooperative Driving Experiments

CO2-roadmap Rotterdam

How do we keep cities accessible?

How do you develop a sustainable city?

How cities can plan their future flexible