Research Manager Sustainable Transport and Logistics - TNO

As a Research manager I was responsible for 40+ professionals in the fields of logistics and emission policies. The main objective of the logistic consultants is to maintain the Dutch leading position internationally. In our view the logistic industry has to collaborate more in order to become even more effective and efficient and be able to create a better customer value. The main objective of the emission consultants is to advise EU, national governments and local governments on how to set and implement policies for a greener transport of goods and persons.

When I started with this team in 2014 the results were not good. Now it is one of the flourishing teams within TNO with a good outlook in the future with some new innovations strategies to work with and on, and potentially putting them in the centre of some of the strategic multidisciplinary innovations that TNO is working on. Especially there where logistic transport meets emission and CO2 measures.

Key clients and partners:

City of Rotterdam, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, European Union, Horiba, City of Utrecht, CE Delft, Topsector Logistiek, Albert Heijn